About Anne

My spiritual journey started when I discovered a local yoga class and through this I found new friends and developed a deeper interest in spirituality. I've been training for over 24 years in many disciplines, from Hatha Yoga to Zen Yoga, to traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki to Zen Mindfulness and Meditation.

Coping with anxiety

In my experience anxiety or worry over an event or situation is very different to suffering from a permanent state of anxiety. To suffer from anxiety is to feel in a constant state of fear, a bit like the feeling when someone makes you jump and your stomach jumps up to your throat, except that this feeling doesn’t go away, but stays in the body making you feel on edge all of the time. […]

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Wonderful Reiki…

Reiki is a wonderful way to help you move into a state of balance. Through Reiki training and with my Ki-Energy Flow workshops, you are taught energy exercises to allow you to heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. […]

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Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness all need our full awareness to be successful, so how to they differ? […]

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Anjali Mudra, Prayer Pose or Gassho…

A mudra is a hand position or gesture that helps you to focus your attention and has a particular benefit or positive effect, for example; calming the body and mind or increasing energy levels within the body. […]

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Overcoming resistance in Meditation

Although coming across obstacles when meditating may seem like a barrier that is holding you back or stopping you from progressing on your journey, obstacles can be an opportunity to explore these experiences to discover a new way of working with meditation. […]

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5 Wishes Meditation

This is an example of one of the exercises we did in a meditation workshop, have a go for yourself and come along and try meditation at one of my workshops soon. […]

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Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation.

Although all my classes aim to help you relax and unwind and may each have similar exercises, each one has a different focus: […]

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Yoga to Relax

Learn to relax the body and mind through gentle yoga stretches, progressive relaxation and body awareness. Along with calming breathing techniques, guided meditations and mindfulness.

Classes are small and friendly, a group of 6 or 7, in a lovely relaxing environment. Great for beginners or those who feel stressed and wish to relax and unwind. […]

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Reiki Training

Reiki meaning Universal Life Force Energy is a method of tapping into the energy that is all around us so that we can use it to calm and heal ourselves or others. You will receive an attunement or blessing to open you up to feeling and connecting with the energy and learn a combination of methods for spiritual development and healing. […]

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Upcoming sessions

I have a few places left on my upcoming sessions in Ryde and further afield. Session are ‘Yoga to relax’, a combination of yoga stretches, breathing exercises, meditation and deep relaxation, ‘Meditation and Relaxation workshops’, focusing on the breath, mindfulness practice, visualisations, guided meditations and ‘Reiki Training’, First Degree, Second Degree and Masters available. […]

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